Prize Candle Review and Giveaway!

I am sitting here with the music going, baby sitting in her swing and a great candle burning. We received The Original Prize Soy Candle for review! Check them out here: And on the new website here: !We where sent the 21 oz Pomegranate Passion scented and OMG it smells AMAZING!!!  My inclination was to melt that wax and see what my prize was! With prizes from $10-$5000 I am anxious to see whats in this candle! BUT in the interest of a true review I stopped myself and lit the candle, I am sooo happy I did too! My whole front of the house smells amazing!  I am serous…literally the whole front! Ok my house is small..but it is so nice! Not a syrupy scent (a personal peeve of mine ….I like to eat candy, not smell like it or have my house smell like a factory!) This Pomegranate Passion candle is for people like me! It smells like fruit…like freshly sliced fruit not a reproduction!  Ok you get the idea i REALLY love the scent. and because of that I haven’t tore out my prize. I have no idea what I am getting and I wont until it burns down  either. I cant bring myself to ripping open a candle that is this good! This is a soy candle it is safe to use! With a new baby in the house safety is a huge concern. While she will never be left with a lit candle unattended, I also feel better knowing she isn’t breathing in dangerous paraffin that  will put toxins and carcinogens in our air. Your home is like a bubble! You are at much more risk INSIDE your home because the air is not naturally cleaned by the wind and rain. Be safe, Be smart…and get a bonus Prize for doing it with Prize Candles! We are helping Kick off the launch of their New Website! They have giveaways over there also you will want to enter!  Enter here ➜ PLUS one of our Readers gets a shot at a free candle! Enter using the rafflecopter at the bottom of this post!! Want to have some fun on the new website ( if you upload an image to Instagram and tag it with #prizecandle if will upload to this portion of the site. Another new feature is the appraisal link! Want to know what your prize is worth right away? Of course you do! Well each comes with a tag containing a number. Enter you number here: and get a instant answer! Once you do swing into the facebook page and show off your new jewelry!

***A study presented at the American Chemical Society’s meeting in Washington D.C by R. Massoudi and Amid Hamidi found that the more expensive candles made from beeswax or soy are safer because they do not release harmful chemicals. Lighting one Paraffin candle occasionally will not harm you – but continuous use of paraffin candles for many years may increase the carcinogens that you consume.

It’s worth it to spend more money on Soy or Beeswax candles. They are safer for the environment and to those living in your home. In fact, soy candles have many benefits – the first being that they are not harmful to your health! Soy candles have the capability of lasting up to 50% longer than Paraffin candles, they are not made of foreign oil, they do not contain animal fats, and they are derived from a renewable resource. If you want to live healthy, try switching from Paraffin to Soy!



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