Kinderfeets Push Bike Revisited And Contest! Retail of $109 and END 11-14-2013 Winner Recieves A Green Bike!

Kinderfeets Push Bike Revisited And Contest! Retail of $109 and END 11-14-2013 Winner Recieves A Green Bike!

You all know of the BHDD family love of superior high quality and amazing products! And since ths is our 4th Kinderfeets contest you can say we are a lil bit more than obsessed!  There are only a handfull of companies that I truely am in love with, and Kinderfeets covers all the reasons there are to love one! First QUALITY….This bike is made to last! Ours has been riden by about everyone including my granddaughters 30 year old father :-)  It has been left in the rain a couple times, knocked over and abused by kids, had the seat stood upon…you name it and it has happened…get we have hardly a ding to show for it! Ours still looks basically NEW! Its Green Chaulk Board finish is always a hit! How many toys can you both ride and draw on…well without getting in trouble for ruining your toys that is! Kinderfeets also donates often to kids in need. As a regular advocate of kids causes this one is close to my heart. How many places don’t give back without a big “look at me” promotion? Not to many! To Top it off they have won the 2012 GOOD DESIGN AWARD! -So clearly I am not alone in my love for them! They have been featured in a lot of places you see us working with! I am excited to get to add Kinderfeets  to the 2013 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE ! You will want to read our originial review here: And Enter The Contest Below For A GREEN Kinderfeets Push Bike! This Retails for $109, whoever the winner is will have a happy child for sure! :-)

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  1. [email protected] on said:

    My grandson woul love this.

  2. My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter would love that bike. She tries to ride her big sisters two wheeler. But can only sit on the seat and hold the handlebars. She can’t even reach the peddles. It’s just so cute.

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